By coming together, the many individuals and agencies that are working for the well-being of women and families in our community have a powerful collective voice. Council members receive email reports on news items of interest to women, calls to action on important social policy issues, and invitations to community forums and special events.


Organizational members are individually profiled on the Council’s website. Organization dues are
____ $150 Supporting
____ $200 Sustaining
____ $500 Changemaker organization

Members of the Changemakers’ CIrcle pledge to support the Council’s unique work with $1,000 for three years or $500 for two years.

Regular member dues are $50.

Other giving levels are:
____ $1,000 Shaker
____ $500 Mover
____ $250 Sustainer
____ $100 Supporter
____ Other

Please contact Deborah Clubb at to join.