News Coverage of Memphis Says NO MORE

Memphis Says NO MORE partners with MEMPHO Music Festival 2018

“Crimes and Punishment: The Rape Kit Backlog – Five Years Later” – Commercial Appeal Article written by Deborah Clubb shares updates on the backlog and what progress has been made.

“Memphis Says NO MORE, and means it” – An article written by Deborah Clubb has been featured in the Commercial Appeal.

Memphis Exposure on the National NO MORE Instagram

Memphis Exposure on the National NO MORE Website

Memphis Says NO MORE bus ads unveiled downtown


Memphis Says NO MORE marks first anniversary with campaign bus ads


Protesters call Memphis Says NO MORE campaign a coverup


Live@9 invited Deborah Clubb and criminologist Dr. Angela Gilmore Madden to provide DV statistics during DV Awareness month, October 2015:

In June, Deborah Clubb and Doug McGowan talked about assault prevention and awareness on Live@9:

Channel 5 promotes launch of Memphis Says NO MORE