Domestic violence costs Tennessee employers millions of dollars each year in lost productivity, employee absences, emergency healthcare and other costs. Often, employers have no idea how to help an employee who is facing abuse at home and in the workplace, including stalking and other forms of DV.

The Women’s Council, in collaboration with the University of Memphis, began providing helpful and realistic training to employers two years ago.

Called “Violence at Home, Victims at Work: Employers Confront Domestic Violence,” the workshops and half-day conferences have been attended by 300 managers, employers and supervisors representing nearly 100 work places (as of October, 2015).

In July, Dr. Carol Danehower and Deborah Clubb presented training for the Memphis chapter of the Society of Human Resource Managers. On September 29, the managers and directors at the Memphis Shelby County Airport Authority. Next up: the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, followed by sessions in City Hall for directors, managers, supervisors and Police and Fire service leadership.

To book a workshop or a speaker about DV or rape – contact Deborah at or 901-378-3866.